Important Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Real Estate Agent To List Your Property

* Is your agent a seasoned real estate broker? 

* Does the agent work full time? 

* Will the agent you list with be the agent who services your property, or will the work be delegated to a lesser trained assistant? 

* Is your business of significant importance to the agent, or is your property one of too many to be represented properly? Will your home be shown by appointment only, or accessed by a lock box, and left to chance? 

* Does the agent have the experience necessary to market your home and guide you through the offer and escrow process? There are pit-falls that may occur along the way. 

* Is the agent more interested in telling you about their own personal accomplishments than evaluating your needs and goals? 

* Can the agent provide you with sufficient information to assist you in establishing a realistic asking price for your home? 

* Do you feel that you can communicate with the agent, and that the agent´s primary concern is representing you? 

* Do other brokers respect the agent? 

* Your business is important to me. I strive to reach your highest level of satisfaction in a professional manner, with the least amount of stress to you as the buyer or seller. 

Marcy Braiker
Marcy Braiker